Shark-Inspired Mega Yachts – The Conceptual ‘Prodigium’ Yacht is Projected to Cost $550 Million (

The conceptual 'Prodigium' yacht has been designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini of the Lazzarini Design Studio as a futuristic vessel that doesn't hold back when it comes to offering only the best amenities for owners and passengers alike. The yacht maintains a shark-inspired aesthetic that is constructed with a 153-meter length hull that is achieved from both carbon fiber and aluminum. A space in the rear for an additional yacht would be present, while the suites, gym and enclosed pool would be housed inside the opulent vessel.

The conceptual 'Prodigium' yacht would be able to accommodate a total of 40 guests who would be able to fly over to the vessel thanks to a helipad on the top section. According to the design studio, the megayacht would be priced at $550 million and take a minimum of 28 months to be constructed.

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