Ruggedized Luxury Sports Cars – The Bugatti Chiron Terracross Imagines Off-Road Capabilities (

The conceptual Bugatti Chiron Terracross has been designed by Rafał Czaniecki as an off-road version of the namesake sports car that would transform the driving experience for discerning adventurers to appreciate. The vehicle is imagined in a 4x4 design that has ultra-rugged wheels along with an impressive suspension that will allow it to seamlessly pass over any kind of terrain. A series of additional upgrades including oversized bumper guards on the back and front as well as foglights and a dedicated luggage rack work together to support long-haul trips.

The conceptual Bugatti Chiron Terracross appears ready for an off-road adventure, but could also be right at home in a post-apocalyptic world where drivers must brave an entirely new environment.

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