Ruggedized Aluminum Trailers – The ‘Switchback’ Can Be Used As a Utility Trailer Or a Camper (

The Switchback is a lightweight aluminum trailer, designed and offered by Canadian company Off Grid Trailers, that progresses on the wood-free theme introduced by its predecessors whilst offering a reduction in size as well as weight.

What's great about this particular aluminum trailer is the fact that its makes ample use of aluminum construction, which is why it weighs in at only 1,300 pounds in a package that measures in at less than nine feet in length.

This aluminum trailer also offers a generous swathe of customization options, with customers able to choose between rear or side kitchens or shell out extra money for the privilege of solar power and an easy-to-use BBQ setup.

Available for preorder for a price of $19,900, this aluminum trailer is an excellent option for anyone who's in the market for a high-quality utility trailer that can easily be converted into a full-on camper.

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