Reimagined Classic Racecars – This Vehicle Pays Homage to One Of Jaguar’s Most Iconic Creations (

British luxury automobile manufacturer Jaguar has offered up a truly gorgeous classic racecar that is a more futuristic and high-performance version of one of the most venerable and recognizable vehicles of the 1950s.

The special-edition Continuation version of the famous Jaguar C-type, which was driven to glory at the Le Mans endurance race back in 1953, makes use of the latest and greatest computer-assisted design and visualization technologies to bring back the curvaceous aesthetic of the famous car. The vehicle comes equipped with race-ready disc brakes and a 220-horsepower engine that makes it ready to hit the track.

Given the fact this reinvigorated classic racecar is a special creation that was dreamed up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the vehicle it was inspired by, this new-age C-type is suitably exclusive, with only eight vehicles set to be produced.

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