Rear-Wheel-Drive Electric Sports Cars – Porsche Revealed a Rear-Wheel-Drive Edition of the Taycan EV (

Porsche recently revealed a new rear-wheel-drive version of the Taycan, however, it will only be released in Chinese markets. The rear-wheel-drive edition of the Porsche Taycan will be listed at a price that is reduced by 20% when compared to the all-wheel-drive version, which means the car will be approximately $85,000 USD.

Porsche’s new EV will feature either a 79.2kWh Performance Battery or a 93.4kW Performance Battery Plus. The Performance Battery can produce 402HP, and the Performance Battery Plus can produce 469HP. The rear-wheel-drive version of the car may also have a slightly longer range than the previous edition. The older version has a range listed at 252 miles, while the rear-wheel-drive edition has a range of 257 miles.

Image Credit: Porsche

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