Nomadic Off-Grid Exploration Vehicles – The Conceptual Jeep Ger/D-nomad Hub by B.K. Kang is Electric (

The conceptual Jeep Ger/D-nomad Hub has been designed by B.K. Kang as an electric vehicle for avid explorers that will enable them to stay comfortable when exploring off-grid locations at their leisure.

The vehicle draws design inspiration from the traditional insulated mobile home called ger of Mongolian nomadic tribes and a few other Asian regions. The system is devoid of steering wheels and pedals thanks to its autonomous functionality, and can be adjusted in order to keep inhabitants comfortable thanks to a lounge area, floating hammock and more.

The conceptual Jeep Ger/D-nomad Hub could be fully expanded to accommodate sleeping or relaxation requirements and identifies the kinds of transportation solutions are being demanded as consumers seek to explore in an eco-friendly way.

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