Neo-Retro Motorcycle Designs – The Custom-Built Blechmann R18 Motorcycle is a Showstopper (

The custom-built Blechmann R18 motorcycle has been created by Bernhard “Blechmann” Naumann as a neo-retro transportation solution that draws on the past to help give us a glimpse of the future. The custom bike is constructed with the original frame of the BMW R18 motorcycle and has been switched up to give it a narrow, sportier aesthetic that makes it extravagant to admire. The headlights on the motorcycle are inspired by the iconic kidney-shaped grilles on classic BMWs, while the rest of the bike has been paired with a black paint job and finished with BMW Motorrad pin stripes.

The custom-built Blechmann R18 motorcycle has a futuristic design that doesn't shy away from being a more substantial option than other designs in order to make more of a statement on city streets.

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