Multi-Layered E-Bike Locks – The ‘Hiplok E-DX’ Offers Unbeatable Purpose-Built E-Bike Security (

You wouldn't attempt to use a miniature luggage lock or regular old padlock to lock your bicycle, so why use a conventional bicycle lock rather than a specialty, purpose-built e-bike lock for your electric bicycle? It's a question that has a really simple and straightforward answer in light of the release of the Hiplok E-DX, a locking system designed for the specific needs of both e-bikes and cargo bikes.

Hiplok has successfully positioned itself as a market leader in premium-quality yet affordable bicycle locking innovations, and few products exemplify the company's uncanny ability to stay ahead of consumer needs than the Hiplok E-DX, which combines the beefy, no-nonsense ruggedness of a Hiplok DX shackle, the flexibility and solidity of a hardened steel noose chain and the compact convenience of a Z Lok Security tie, the latter serving as a compact and reliable solution to secure accessories and smaller items on your e-bike.

This trio of locking solutions makes the Hiplok E-DX quite simply the strongest and safest lock combination around, with the D-lock's double dead lock offered in conjunction with the 10-mm steel chain to offer a level of protection that can thwart the most skilled and determined thief. This locking solution has been awarded the coveted Gold Level Security stamp by Sold Secure, the leading independent testing and certification organization for security products, meaning it truly comprises the gold standard of e-bike security.

Despite its seemingly hefty weight, the Hiplok E-DX is surprisingly easy to use and maneuver, while the thoughtful nylon chain sheathing ensures that you don't leave scratches, bumps and bruises on your precious e-bike frame.

At a price of $144, the Hiplok E-DX is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to keep their e-bike away from the prying hands of thieves and troublemakers, with the product's combination of ruggedness, utility and convenience making it the most spectacularly well-engineered e-bike lock solution around.

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