Modular Mars Exploration Modules – This Futuristic Mars Rover Helps with Alien Planet Settlements (

This futuristic mars rover concept has been created for the Indian Space Agency (ISRO) as a modular system that would provide settlers of the red planet with a way to maintain autonomy as they explore in the year 2040. The system is imagined for the future manned mission to Mars and includes four modules that would accommodate a range of essentials functionalities. This includes Scouting, Deep Excavation, Habitat Building and Logistics, which would work to support explorers as they create a colony.

The futuristic mars rover concept is the design work of Samarjit Waghela and is built on the basis of a modular rover in order to effectively serve multiple purposes for a more holistic user experience. The system also incorporates artificial intelligence to help carry out missions with simple commands.

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