Miniature Glamping Trailers – The ‘Pinea Mobile’ Trailer Offers Compact and Eco-Friendly Shelter (

The 'Pinea Mobile' is a compact yet highly comfortable glamping trailer that is designed to offer a simplistic and minimalist dwelling option that does not compromise on comfort or on eco-friendly features.

Developed by none other than Spain-based ERA Architects, this particular glamping trailer comes equipped with a 50-watt solar panel that is connected to a battery array. What's more, the rooftop is also hooked up to a rainwater harvesting mechanism that is more than capable of holding up to 100 liters of water, which can be used to water the greenery that sheathes the trailer's roof.

With just short of nine square meters of floorspace on the inside, this glamping trailer does not pretend to be a capacious space but rather aims to offer charmingly compact comfort when on the go.

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