Lightweight Carbon Fiber Velomobiles – This Velomobile’s Low Weight Makes It Ideal For Racing (

A Dutch company by the name of has developed an innovative velomobile that offers high-speed performance thanks to its aerodynamically engineered structure.

The Snoek velomobile is named after a sleek variety of fish known for its streamlined shape and ability to speed through the waters. While the Snoek velomobile is designed for land, it certainly offers in terms of speed, with its low-weight carbon fiber body enabling it to comfortably maintain a cruising speed of 60 km/h. This is thanks in part to the velomobile's total weight of only 44 pounds. The vehicle features a notable aerodynamic sheathing and comes with added features in the form of drum brakes, front and rear suspension and a handy side mirror.

Set to be priced at over $9,600, the Snoek velomobile is designed for racing enthusiasts.

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