Inaugural Electric Car Releases – Cadillac Will Launch Its First-Ever EV Which is Titled the Lyriq (

Cadillac recently announced that it will enter the electric vehicle market, with its new car named ‘The Lyriq.’ Along with revealing the new electric vehicle, the company is furthering its commitment to sustainable transportation by launching an electrically powered Hummer SUV in 2022.

The Lyriq will be made available to consumers in 2023 and it will feature an ‘Ultium’ scalable battery, that can produce power ranging from 50KwH to 200 kWh. The 100 KwH pack will provide a range of 300 miles, and it can be recharged using Level 1, Level 2 AC technology, as well as DC Fast Charging.

The company released a statement about the vehicle in a press release, “Inside and out, Lyriq is a thoughtful integration of design and technology and is intended to make every drive an occasion.”

Image Credit: General Motors

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