In-Car Air Purifiers – LUFTQI’s Filter-Free Air Purifier Tackles Mold, Airborne Bacteria & More (

The LUFT Duo filter-free air purifier by LUFTQI recently launched on Indiegogo and it shares a compact air purification solution for neutralizing pollutants and pathogens within a vehicle cabin. The compact device acknowledges that at a time when people are driving under conditions where the air quality is less than ideal, people are facing respiratory problems outside of their homes. In their cars, the LUFT Duo filter-free air purifier helps to provide relief and protection from mold, airborne bacteria, viruses and toxic chemicals.

The in-car air purifier can be plugged into a USB power port, so that it can get to work supplying vehicles with the air filtration technology they're lacking. The air purifier boasts 360-degree air intake so that pollutants can be collected from every angle.

Image Credit: LUFTQI

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