Impenetrable Bike Security Anchors – The ‘Ankr’ Safely Secures Bicycles, E-Bikes and Motorbikes (

From compact security ties for bicycle anchors to solid e-bike and cargo bike locks, Hiplok has been hard at work redefining and revolutionizing the two-wheeler security space over the past year, a pattern that is continuing with the advent of the ANKR bike security anchor.

The ANKR is an elegantly designed and hyper-secure bike security anchor that can quickly and easily be mounted to any sort of wall or floor surface to provide the highest level of security for your two-wheeler, whether it's a conventional bicycle, a new-fangled e-bike or even your motorbike. The ANKR comprises a rock-solid steel cylinder as the first barrier against thieves, while the revolving inner layer cannot be removed when locked. This unique construction will repel even the most determined of two-wheeler thieves who likely wouldn't have the time or wherewithal to deploy heavy force to get the ANKR to budge from the wall, whip out a chainsaw to infiltrate both the hard cylindrical outer as well as the internal anchor. It is this wonderful design that has secured the ANKR a much-coveted Maximum Gold Level Security rating from the Sold Secure testing and certification body.

Now you may start to wonder if the ANKR's dual-layer security would make it difficult for you to install or move, but thankfully that isn't the case. The ANKR comes with an array of fixing holes that allow for flexibility in terms of the surfaces that you can attach it to. Thankfully, you don't need to be a handywoman or handyman of great skill to be able to mount the ANKR. In fact, you don't even need to rely on permanent bolts to secure the ANKR, meaning it's easy enough to move it if you relocate or simply want to change the location of the ANKR within your dwelling. While the ANKR is exceptionally challenging to remove when locked, it's actually really simple to move once the lock is disabled so you can quickly and easily move it as needed.

What's more, it can be used both inside or outside, so it's just as useful in a townhouse garage as it is in a condo, with the slick design and white, red and black color options ensuring that you won't be compromising on the aesthetics of wherever it is you stash your bike, e-bike or motorbike. Regardless of where you set up your ANKR, you can rest assured that it won't cause any scratching to your precious two-wheeler's frame thanks to the inclusion of a rubber cap.

An added advantage of the ANKR is that while it is optimally used in conjunction with Hiplok's top-quality high-security chain and D-lock offerings, the fact of the matter is the ANKR's opening is large enough that it works for other chains, so you do have the option of using it with your existing security chain if preferred.

With its combination of an intelligent dual-layered security mechanism, easy installation and removal, aesthetic appeal and reasonable price in the $100 range, the ANKR is the consummate bike security anchor for anyone who values their bicycle, e-bike or motorbike.

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