Featherweight Bicycle Headlights – The ‘Luislight L300’ Offers Shockproof & Lightweight Illumination (TrendHunter.com)

Bicycle lights are a crucial tool in the armory of any cycling enthusiast, but the unique hazards posed by nighttime cycling have often not been completely tackled by certain bike accessories, a problem which the Luislight L300 well and truly takes care of.

This particular bicycle headlight features high and low modes that offer 300 lumens and 200 lumens of brightness respectively.

As far as ruggedness is concerned, the Luislight L300 certainly delivers, with this light able to withstand the impact of shocks, water contact as well as dust. What's more, the carbon fiber structure of the cylinder-shaped Luislight L300 enables it to provide all this functionality in a package that weighs only 102 grams.

The Luislight L300 also has a useful accelerometer that detects falls and causes the bicycle headlight to flash, so that users can easily find the headlight should it fall off.

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