Everyday Commuter Camper Vans – The Westfalia Kepler Five Camper Van Offers Space for Four (TrendHunter.com)

Camping vans are often associated with being just for use on the weekends and holidays, but the Westfalia Kepler Five camper van has been designed to change this with a functionality that's perfect for mid-week commuting. The camper van is capable of sleeping up to four people and will provide ample amenities including an impressive kitchen along with ample storage and a fold-flat rear seat. The vehicle also features an external shower for allowing travelers to clean up when parked.

The Westfalia Kepler Five camper van starts at €52,900 in France and €53,290 in Germany, and can be upgraded with a number of options including various powertrain choices, 4Motion all-wheel drive, a locking differential and much more to suit avid drivers.

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