Emotive Navigation Apps – The Newest Waze Update Lets Drivers Display Their Mood in the App (TrendHunter.com)

Waze has introduced plenty of new features over the last year and the newest Waze update shares a fresh new look and a feature called Moods to let users express their emotions. As Waze has always been passionate about harnessing "the ‘humanness’ that can often be lost within inhumane traffic conditions," Moods helps to celebrate the authenticity and feelings of its unique users.

Within Waze, there are now emoji-like Moods with hearts for eyes, pricky characters that resemble cacti, covert ninja characters, red-faced swearing Moods and more. With is brand refresh and fresh new Moods, Waze hopes to remind its user base of the ways the community can come together and work for the better.

Image Credit: Waze

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