Electric SUV Camping Trailers – The CyberLandr Pop-Up Camper is for the Tesla Cybertruck (TrendHunter.com)

The CyberLandr pop-up camper is a telescoping camping attachment for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck that would add in a multifunctional space to live comfortably while off the grid. The camper attachment features a telescoping construction that would expand to be double the height of the truck and offer an array of amenities for drivers to enjoy. This includes a seating area that will transform when it's time to sleep into a bed along with a bathroom with a shower and self-cleaning dry flush toilet and more.

The CyberLandr pop-up camper has an all-season construction that is paired with heated flooring for enhanced comfort , a 32-inch TV, four-stage water filtration system, a voice-activated faucet and 500W slide-out solar roofs for continuous power.

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