Efficiently Spacious Camper Vans – The La Strada Nova EB is Based on a Mercedes Sprinter (TrendHunter.com)

The La Strada Nova EB camper van is a premium vehicle for those looking to enjoy more time off the beaten path or even try their hand at the van life lifestyle. Offering sleeping accommodations for two in the rear, the van can either feature two single beds or a merged Queen-sized one, while also offering ample internal and external storage in the rest area. The kitchenette has a dual-burner stove along with a sink and an 80 liter refrigerator, while inhabitants can also utilize the wet bathroom for showering and grooming as required.

The La Strada Nova EB camper van is priced starting at $110,674 and can be customized in a multitude of ways with high-end components to make it ideal for travelers seeking out high-end accoutrements.

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