Eco-Friendly Cargo Trucks – These Mercedes-Benz Zero-Emissions Trucks Come in Three Models (

These Mercedes-Benz zero-emissions trucks have been unveiled by Daimler AG as a lineup of transportation solutions that aim to transform the industry by eliminating the need for fossil fuels. The trucks include the eActros, the eActros LongHaul and the GenH2, of which the two former are electric while the latter is hydrogen-powered. The trucks are built to support the enterprise needs of businesses who require a way to transport goods on both a short and long-haul basis.

The Mercedes-Benz zero-emissions trucks come as part of the brand's shift towards more sustainable transportation as they pledge to create only CO2-neutral trucks in Europe, North America and Japan by 2039. The announcement comes as part of a larger shift towards efficient shipping solutions as the economy continues to turn towards electric and hydrogen-powered options to help curb emissions and cut operating costs.

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