Dual-Sided Car Window Cleaners – The ‘WindshieldWOW!’ Cleans Inside and Out at the Same Time (TrendHunter.com)

Cleaning the windshield on a vehicle usually consists of having to struggle to get into all of he nooks and crannies using conventional equipment, but the 'WindshieldWOW!' is positioned as a device that will make the process far easier. The window cleaner features a magnetic design that will keep the two-piece component clamped onto the glass windshield to easily maneuver it from the outside. This will allow users to shift it into all portions of the glass to clean it inside and out in mere seconds.

The 'WindshieldWOW!' utilizes microfiber clothes in order to blast through dirt, dust and debris, and can be used with the accompanying paddle to easily shift it across the surface without the need for any harsh scrubbing.

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