Demurely Modern Motorcycles – The Conceptual WOW 101 Ghost Superbike Boasts Beastly Characteristics (

The conceptual WOW 101 Ghost Superbike has been designed by Cameron Bresn as an ultra-modern two-wheeled transportation solution that maintains a darkly demure aesthetic on city streets. The bike maintains a decidedly minimalist design when compared to existing models on the road and features a far more sculpted form that is focused on enhanced aerodynamics. The ride is paired with Toyo tires and is emblazoned with a series of Katakana characters that translate to "beast" from Japanese to discreetly highlight its aggressive form.

The conceptual WOW 101 Ghost Superbike maintains a different kind of steering layout than what is traditionally found on motorcycles to require riders to feel the road more closely as they speed along.

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