Customized Convertible Sedans – The ‘Ares Model S” Was Made By Reimagining a Tesla As a Convertible (

Italian custom automotive design company Ares Design has made a name for itself due its uncanny ability to blend modern design technology with traditional craftsmanship, and this is certainly the case with the Ares Model S, a convertible sedan that brings the unbeatable comfort and elegance of a convertible to the high performance promised by the Tesla Model S.

The creation of this bespoke convertible sedan didn't simple comprise removing the roof however, with Ares Design also taking the noteworthy step of extending the length of the front doors and removing the rear doors altogether, making for a clean and streamlined look that ties in well with the breezy functionality of the convertible.

Retaining the exceptional electric motoring performance of the Tesla Model S and reinforcing it with a convertible design, the Ares Model S represents a masterpiece of modern automotive customization.

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