Conceptual Electric Scooter Designs – The ‘Vespa 98’ Suits the Needs of Modern Riders (

The conceptual 'Vespa 98' electric scooter has been designed by the Mightyseed Co as a modernized version of the namesake motorbike that will provide riders with an experience that suits their needs. The scooter calls to mind some of the design aesthetics of previous models, but is outfitted with an array of essential functionalities that make it suitable for the needs of today's driver. This includes an LED headlight, LiDAR sensors in place of rearview mirrors, a 30 Ah lithium-ion battery pack and more.

The conceptual 'Vespa 98' electric scooter identifies what can be done to keep classic transportations relevant as we shift into the next phase of personal automobiles that are focused on eco-friendly elements and a tech-focused driver experience.

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