Chromatic Camper Vans – This Colorful Camper Van Offers Consummate Home Comforts On the Go (

Germany-based camper van maker Flowcamper has unveiled a colorful camper van which makes use of Volkswagen mid-size van technology and combines it with the multi-chromatic builds for which the company is known and adored.

The 'Casper' camper van was made with the Volkswagen T6.1 in mind, and is priced at under $65,000. It comes with an array of amenities that will make you feel like you're at home even if you're out on the road. These include a kitchen complete with a stove and refrigerator, folding bed, fresh water and wastewater tanks and the inclusion of an extra battery that can be used to power non-essential and recreation-focused electronics.

This colorful camper van is offered in a range of hues that include the standard red, orange and grey options in addition to upgraded variants, not to mention dual-tone color packages.

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