Car Key Vending Machines – Cay Keys Express’ Automated Key Machines Duplicate Automotive Keys (

Automated key machines are stationed in many retail stores and they offer a convenient way for people to duplicate residential keys. Now, Car Keys Express is bringing the same convenience to consumers when it comes to duplicating and dispensing automotive and residential keys on the spot.

The fully automated vending machine relies on imaging and cutting technology so that it can function as a key scanner, cutter, and inventory storage solution in-store that saves people a trip to their local dealership. With this automated solution, Car Keys Express says that "Retailers can cover up to 170 million vehicles with no investment in inventory, tools, or staff training." This convenient, lower-cost alternative to replacing both "smart" keys and high-security "laser-cut" keys offers keys that can take up to 75% off dealership prices.

Image Credit: Car Keys Express

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