Boxy All-Terrain Electric Vehicles – The Citroën ME Concept by Alexandre Pain Offers 200km of Range (

The Citroën ME Concept has been designed by Alexandre Pain as an eco-friendly transportation solution for drivers seeking out a way to commute and still maintain their weekend warrior lifestyle. The vehicle has a boxy, futuristic design that offers space for two and is paired with a 22kW batter within that will deliver up to 200km of range per charge. Drivers can take advantage of an 80km/h top speed to easily speed through city streets or tackle off-terrain roadways, while still feeling well-equipped.

The Citroën ME Concept draws design inspiration from the Citroën Ami electric vehicle and is accented by a futuristic LED panel on the front and rear sections. This acts as a headlight and an indicator in the rear to keep it clearly visible on city or rural streets.

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