Autonomous Retail Networks – Walmart Will Use Autonomous Box Trucks That are Completely Driverless (

On December 15, Walmart announced that in early 2021 its Autonomous Box Trucks will transition to be fully autonomous on a two-mile-long test road in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The fully autonomous test will be completely driverless and is an extension of the retailer's autonomous pilot testing with Gatik. Walmart also indicated that its second pilot program will also be expanded, where autonomous testing will take place on a 20-mile section of road between a Walmart pickup point and a supercenter in Metairie, Louisiana.

The tests with Gatik serve two purposes, the first test will evaluate Walmart’s middle-mile autonomous capabilities and the other test will evaluate autonomous capabilities over longer distances. Walmart has made significant investments in autonomous technology, and it has other partnerships with autonomous technology companies other than Gatik.

Image Credit: Walmart

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