Airborne Emergency Vehicles – The ‘Vertiia’ eVTOL Ambulance will Hit the Skies by 2023 (

The 'Vertiia' eVTOL ambulance has been designed by AMSL Aero in collaboration with The University of Sydney, MissionSystems and CareFlight as an efficient emergency vehicle that would completely transform access to care.

The vehicle would be able to reach nearly all inhabitants, even in remote areas, upon deployment and could drastically reduce the costs associated with setting up dedicated facilities in locations that are further out. The vehicle could be used fo patients, but also shows promise for airlifting individuals out of areas that could be affected by brushfires and more.

The 'Vertiia' eVTOL ambulance was spoken on by University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Dr. Michael Spence who said, "We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with AMSL Aero on the development of Vertiia, a technology which has the potential to rapidly decarbonize air travel and improve patient transport. My team has used computers to design and algorithms to optimize the aircraft structure and its propellers. This will ultimately allow AMSL Aero to reach their ambitious range and speed targets for Vertiia.”

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