Affordable Electric Sports Cars – The New ‘Taycan’ Makes Luxury Motoring More Wallet-Friendly (

The Porsche Taycan electric sports car turned plenty of heads when it was first launched, but the fact of the matter is that its price tag, well over the $100,000 mark, meant it was out of the range of many consumers, an issue that its successor is looking to solve.

The new entry-level version of the Porsche Taycan is priced below $80,000, making it accessible to a wider range of electric sports car lovers. It comes with 300-kilowatt and 350-kilowatt battery options and the recognizable plug-and-charge feature that is available in other Taycan models. Elsewhere, this budget-friendly Porsche Taycan also has other offerings including eight-way adjustable seating, an oversized infotainment display and capacious luggage compartments.

What's great about the Porsche Taycan is the fact that it is over $20,000 cheaper than the high-end model but still performs to an impressively high degree in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, making this a great example of how luxury automotive makers can expand their target demographic.

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