3D Vehicle Wooden Panels – Bentley Has Announced a New Finish Option in its New Flying Spur (TrendHunter.com)

Bentley has unveiled a new luxury vehicle finish option in the form of 3D wood panels that are positioned to offer discerning drivers a premium way to enhance their car. The new panels are available as an option for the brand's new Flying Spur and are characterized by their perplexing aesthetic that create visual texture for passengers or drivers alike to admire. The panels are handcrafted from a single block of sustainable wood including either American walnut or American cherry.

The Bentley wood panels have an open-pore design and are covered with more than 150 diamonds that are all unique in order to create a sense of texture and elegance. The wood is expertly carved using a multi-axis routing machine before being hand-finished to perfection.

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