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AMC 1969 AMX California 500 Special Auction

Best Muscle Cars By FastMuscle | April 15, 2021 By Dave Ashton The American Motors Corporation or AMC, may not be front of mind when it comes to priced muscle cars. But in the golden age of high displacement vehicles, AMC made some outstanding vehicles like this AMC 1969 AMX California 500 Special. For a bit of back…
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Call a Mechanic! 5 Signs Your Muscle Car’s Battery Is Dying

Wondering if it is time to replace your car’s battery? Luckily, there are signs pointing to issues with your battery before your car won’t start. Keeping up with your battery will save you from being stranded somewhere at the worst possible time. Here are some signs it’s time to call a mechanic to replace that…
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2,600 Horsepower Dodge Viper!

Video By FastMuscle | April 6, 2021 By Dave Ashton According to the great guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, less isn’t more, more is more. This is the same mindset for this Calvo Motorsports built, 2600WHP Sequential Twin Turbo Dodge Viper, which also kicks out 2000lb-ft. of torque. The Dodge Viper in stock form already contains gobs of power. Equipped…
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