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im sorry, but grosjean smile > ricciardo smile

10 years after Grosjean retires, either he'll start a restaurant or end up like Seb or and this is something I hope, become a commentator. (He has a very good smile though) I think I respect him and Toto a lot because while Formula 1 has a certain machismo culture in its fans, they have…
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[OT] The FBI has just released a statement about the NASCAR noose incident at Talladega, indicating it was a misunderstanding. No crime was committed. The noose was already there as early as last year

You aren't wrong, but we are adults and have to take responsibility to not being taken in by this bullshit. I was, so I'm not playing some holier than thou bullshit. The sports media is just so bad in North America that expecting them to change or improve is kind of futile. So I'm not…
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