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Vettel chooses between Schumacher, Senna and Hamilton; who is the best ever?

Sebastian Vettel has (with some caution) discussed the question of who is the very best Formula 1 driver ever. The four-time world champion has to choose between Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. The Ferrari driver tends towards Schumacher in his answer.  "Actually, it is presumptuous to name the best of all time. It…
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“ROFGO Collection” by Doug Nye reviewed | F1 reviews

The ROFGO collection, curated by enthusiast and racer Roald Goethe with the support of automotive dealer Adrian Hamilton, is unarguably one of the finest privately owned collections of significant racing cars, particularly those that ran in Gulf colours.Unlike many such collections, the ROFGO cars do make competition appearances, for example in the Historic Grand Prix…
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