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ROHM introduces new 4th-generation SiC MOSFETs for EV powertrains

ROHM Semiconductor has announced its 4th-generation 1,200-volt SiC MOSFETs optimized for EV powertrain systems, including the main drive inverter, as well as power supplies for industrial equipment. ROHM says that the new SiC MOSFETs deliver low ON resistance with high-speed switching performance, contributing to greater miniaturization and lower power consumption in a variety of applications,…
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Groupe PSA and Punch Powertrain expand electrification partnership

Groupe PSA and Punch Powertrain have signed an agreement to expand their strategic partnership in the field of electrification. Punch Powertrain holds majority control in the new Joint 61/39 Venture, which will design, manufacture and supply Punch Powertrain’s DT2 dual-clutch transmission for PSA’s next generation of hybrid EVs. The business will initially supply Groupe PSA’s…
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Combining copper and aluminum: Longer module lifetime with Heraeus’ new bonding wire CucorAl Plus

Sponsored by Heraeus The electrification of the powertrain requires the massive use of power electronics and places new demands on the power semiconductor industry. For electromobility to become established, it must be cost-effective and reliable – to achieve this, power semiconductors must have a higher power density, increased efficiency and improved temperature resistance. This requires…
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