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Volkswagen Reminds Us the Arteon Exists by Refreshing It Already

You’re forgiven for forgetting the Volkswagen Arteon exists. That’s not necessarily the car’s fault. It’s a fairly good large sports sedan, but it plays in a class that has been overshadowed by the crossover craze, and top-level Arteons are priced so that similar Audis start to look appealing. As I wrote when the car launched,…
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Hit And Run Driver Drags Motorcycle Along Californian Highway

In a rather bizarre incident, a hit and run driver was filmed dragging a Honda superbike along 91 Freeway in Corona, California last Friday. The California Highway Patrol state that the man driving the van struck a motorcyclist on the eastbound lanes of the 91 Freeway at approximately 7 p.m. The driver decided to flee…
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Ford Teases The 2021 F-150 One Last Time Before Its Big Reveal

The most important vehicle range in Ford's portfolio, the F-150, has been teased one final time ahead of its big reveal on June 25, the official Ford Trucks Facebook page posting an overhead photo of the all-new F-150 towing a boat. Ford's full-size, light-duty pickup truck is getting a complete head-to-toe redesign after just six…
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