R&T Marketplace Finds – May 1967: Where Are They Now?

The Marketplace pages of Road and Track make for fantastic reading. The significance and quality of the listings is even more astonishing than the now comical asking peices. We’ve posted a few favorites from the May 1967 issue below, and the full pages of the section can be flipped scanned through in gallery form.

How about a DB4GT with Sebring history?
Or a comp Cobra with LeMans and Targa Florio history?
Or and Alfa Sprint Speciale for $1950 vs a 250 SWB for $5000?
Or maybe a C-Type raced by Masten Gregory?
1964 250 GTO? Yes, that is there with no price but apparently sold to Jim Hall.

The opportunities were staggering. What jumps out at you?

R&T Marketplace Finds - May 1967: Where Are They Now?

You’ll see the DB4GT listing in the lower left on page 133. We love that the seller included the chassis number “0133L,” even if only 36 of these cars were produced. A quick search for that chassis number reveals that this car is the white one that is well known from recent Goodwood Revival outings, at least once with Tiff Needell at the wheel. Its Sebring outing is the only race documented here on Racing Sports Cars. Check out the video below to see the car starting on the center of the front row in the 2016 Kinrara Trophy.

[embedded content]

The two race cars below the Bondurant Cobra are also interesting. Chassis numbers are not provided, but they both resemble very significant cars if they are not privateer clones. The Cooper Monaco has ‘Shelby King Cobra’ in quotes. It could be just a Cooper with a V8 swap, or it could be an actual Shelby team car of which about six were built. Here are some great pics of the team cars and results from Racing Sports Cars and also from the Dave Macdonald page.  Those cars raced in late 1963 and 1964, so this would have been for sale as a four year old sports racer.

R&T Marketplace Finds - May 1967: Where Are They Now?

A similarly vague description is given for a “Corvette GS Roadster” for $5500. Note that it is an open-top Grand Sport, but also that it is offered by Wintersteen Racing. Some research on that name ties George Wintersteen to GS Chassis #002 of the five ever built. That one is now owned by the Simeone Museum and check out the name on the fenders in the video below and here on their website.

[embedded content]

And here is some great footage of the car before the roof was cut off:

[embedded content]

The 250 GTO is offered by a Mr. Zazzara. A search there reveals that the car was chassis 4675GT and competed in the Tour Auto in 1963 even through the car is offered as a 1964. Info here at Barchetta.cc shows it to now reside in the USA.

We could go on and on…  Check out the full pages below and pick a favorite.

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