This custom Harley-Davidson has been inspired by the Porsche Speedster

Isn't it awesome when parallels between the car world and bike world are drawn? Indeed, the car and motorcycle industries are among the most passion-driven ones in the world, with the products of which transcending the bounds of mere utility. For most, if not all enthusiasts, their vehicles aren't just meant to transport them from point A-to-B. Rather, they're extensions of the soul—embodiments of their individuality. 

What we have here today is just that—the exhibition of sheer craftsmanship, and an homage to an automotive icon. Meticulously crafted by Lord Drake Kustoms in Malaga, Spain, this bike was built off a 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 R. Bearing the iconic lines of the legendary Porsche Speedster, Fran Manen of Lord Drake Kustoms sought out to create the perfect two-wheeled evocation to this automotive legend. As you can see, the finished product is outstanding. Not only does the bike embody the essence of the Porsche Speedster's design, it also exudes its own badass, go-fast aura. 

This Custom Sportster Has Been Inspired By The Porsche Speedster
This Custom Sportster Has Been Inspired By The Porsche Speedster
This Custom Sportster Has Been Inspired By The Porsche Speedster

Going into the details, you can easily become overwhelmed at the attention to detail that was put into this stunning custom. In fact, few other design cues other than the large V-twin engine are left to remind you that this bike was once a Sportster. For starters, an open air filter has been fitted to the side of the engine. Finished in a chrome housing, this piece not only looks the part, but helps make the bike's roaring V-twin breathe just a tad more easily. To complement the revised intake system, a full Vance & Hines exhaust system has been installed—an upgrade which gives the bike a throaty growl, and sets a few ponies loose, as well. 

This one-of-a-kind bespoke creation also features a custom set of thick-spoke wheels which give the bike a sporty, retro aesthetic. The rear frame has been shortened to give the bike a more aggressive stance, while the fuel tank and tail sections were handcrafted from sheet metal. The custom tank and tail were designed to embody the classic lines of the Porsche Speedster, with the Porsche emblem proudly displayed on either side of the tank. To give the bike a touch of modern styling, Lord Drake Kustoms fitted a full suite of LED lighting encased in chrome-plated housings. 

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