Here are the cool freebies supercar buyers get from automakers

The car-buying experience is often a pain in the butt – a rigamarole designed to wear down the customer into capitulating for the extended warranty and dealer-installed rustproofing. However, not all cars are sold the same way. Supercars often have a unique purchasing process that courts customers beyond signing the paperwork. Manny Khoshbin owns a fantastic stable of supercars that has led to a pile of gifts from various automakers.

Khoshbin, president and CEO of The Khoshbin Company, a real estate firm in California, published a new video to his YouTube channel highlighting all the gifts from automakers he has received with his eclectic collection of cars. His pile of goodies includes several he never opened before filming the video. He starts with what Koenigsegg has given him, which includes several branded items like an umbrella, Polaroid camera, Beats headphones, and a bathrobe and towel set.

Pagani is also extravagant, sending Khoshbin the aluminum block the Huayra badge was cut out of in a fine wooden box and glass case, which is signed by Horacio Pagani himself. Etched on the block is Khoshbin’s name and the car’s VIN. McLaren has sent large carbon-fibre paint samples, which look like car bonnets. The British supercar maker has also sent sleek paint samples and models. He also has an original sketch of the AMG One.

Bugatti, though, has the best gifts, according to Khoshbin. The company has sent over 60 magazines, an original sketch of the Bugatti Atlantic 57C, a stunning luxurious key box, a model that matched Khoshbin’s car inside and out, and a duffle bag with the car cover. The assortment of gifts he shows is just a portion of what he’s received, with his drawers full of specialty items he’s yet to enjoy. He jokes that he’ll get around to checking it all out when he retires.

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