Ambitious Tesla-powered 1950 Jaguar Mark V EV conversion project started

The Jaguar Mark V is one of those cars that were built in the 1950s, yet their look and most of the technology owe everything to the 1930s. It was manufactured between 1948 and 1951 and in its most potent form, it could hit a top speed of 90.7 mph (146 km/h) and sprint to sixty (97 km/h) in 20.4 seconds - more than decent numbers for the era.

Well, the Mark V featured in this video will be way faster once it has been mated to the Tesla Model 3 rear subframe and motor assembly. That is the goal for this project featured on the SuperfastMatt YouTube channel - to somehow find a way to not only put the subframe and motor in, but also find room for an entire Model 3 battery pack in there too.

This is a tall order, and as Matt clearly points out in the video (and its description), he will have a lot of figuring out to do in order to complete the project. The motor he wants to put in is a 283 bhp Model 3 motor out of a Standard Range rear-wheel drive car, but that’s way more than the car originally had (up to 125 bhp in the 3.5-litre version).

This video is just the start of the project, so no actual wrenching on the car takes place. However, Matt does lay down a plan for what needs to be done, he analyses the old Jag and laughs at its archaic engineering, particularly when it comes to the suspension.

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