Twelve (12!) Season of Mighty Car Mods – are you up to the challenge?

Youtube has a nifty feature called Playlists, it allows you to arrange videos to play back to back from start to end. Over the years we've loosely had 'Seasons' (cause the word series was taken by baseball..) that run from year to year. We like to kick off a new year with something big (think Turbos and Temples, Kei to the City, Chasing Midnight) and also end with something big! (think Roadkill feature!)

So if you're up for a challenge, here are links to EVERY SEASON of Mighty Car Mods. We've been at it for a long time, we still produce all the videos ourselves, we have some talented mates that sometimes hold cameras or make graphics but we're editing, producing, composing and uploading ourselves as we always have.

So kick back, buffer up some internets and prepare to take a trip right back from 2008 to today, with this series of 12 playlists, all free to watch.

Season 1: featuring the Nissan Micra, Red Cuore, GTiR, March Superturbo, Delorean, Mk4 Golf and of course the TRD-LZR

Season 2: featuring Tokyo Autosalon, the Meteor, RS Liberty and our Zombie Proof 4WD

Season 3: featuring the show car, Moog's S15, more Subaru wagons and our Honda Civic

Season 4: featuring our Chaser in Japan, Moog's Forester, Steve-o the Starlet Evo and our budget street crew Golf

Season 5: featuring Taylor Drift (the first version!), the Blue Turd, Marty's Turbo MX5, the Figaro and Moog's S2000

Season 6: featuring Kei to the City, S2000's vs MX5's and Gramps!

Season 7: featuring Toyota 86 battles, Mod Max, Miss Daisy, and Supergramps

Season 8: featuring WASAABI, 2Sexy, Tay Tay (again), Turbo vs Supercharged MX5s, Motocompos and a battle with Roadkill

Season 9: featuring Moog's MINI goes VTEC, Marty's MIRA, Evo 10, WRX, CRESTA, Derrick & garage creepers

Season 10: featuring trunk bikes, our Focus RS, RB26 240Z, 2sexy goes big block & our HQ Holden

Season 11: Turbos and Temples 2, 2wisted, GOLF R, Evo 9 (dream only), Subaru Outfap, Turbos and TUV's, Triumph Bonneville, Yaris Hilton & a Diesel Mercedes

Season 12: featuring GTiR Pulsar, Yaris goes Turbo, MOOG Buggy, Marty's MR2, March Superturbo (again), WRX STI, BRZ and.... well you'll have to watch to find out

If you made it this far, congratulations! you're now completely up to speed on ALL the fun shenanigans we've had over the years so far. We're bursting at the seams with ideas and cars we want to get stuck into and we've got some mad projects in the pipeline we can't wait to show you. If you want to support the show smash that mouse on some of the merch below!

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