Massive end of year special goes places MCM has never gone!

MCM has always enjoyed taking a hard left turn away from where everyone expects the show to go. This has never been more apparent than when Marty and MOOG decided to try their hand at four-wheel-driving.

With Marty's three-cylinder Daihatsu Hijet Kei tipper truck and MOOG's freshly modded Suzuki Jimny they had all the ingredients they needed for a maaad multi-day off-road adventure.


MOOG took the Jimny from an adequate (but under-prepared) machine in stock form and stepped through a bunch of upgrades with the help of Isaac The Carburettor and 4x4 Wizard. If you want to see exactly what was done you can check out the episodes HERE (Ep.1), HERE (Ep.2), and HERE (Ep.3)

While MOOG's 4x4 has a proud history of trail-monstering performance Marty's JDM tipper truck is more at home picking up hardware or landscaping supplies, or taking farm produce to the market. To help remedy this he fitted a two-inch lift kit, off-road tyres and a custom air intake snorkel.

Within a couple of hours of Sydney are countless trails through the Blue Mountains, and the boys had a great time exploring them. After airing their tyres down they hit a bunch of fire trails that included some wild obstacles, like a bunch of mud pits, rock climbs and wash-outs. 

For two-and-a-half days the lads trekked through areas that had been devastated by Australia's catastrophic 2019/2020 bushfires, enjoying some amazing views and sights of the bushland growing back. Of course, part of off-roading is camping in the awesome Aussie wilderness, and while Marty's Kei truck isn't designed for 4x4ing it seems better for camping than MOOG's Jimny.


Any trip into Central-Western NSW wouldn't be complete with a trip to Australia's most famous racing track, which is also a public road. Home to the famous Bathurst 1000, the Mount Panorama circuit is also one of the steepest bits of tarmac the Supercars series has ever run on, which makes it the perfect place to test out a couple of small-capacity off-road vehicles!

You can check out THE NEW EPISODE HERE in all its one-hour-and-eighteen-minutes of glory!

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