Watch A Stock McLaren 765LT Record A 9.3-Second Quarter-Mile



Customer deliveries of the McLaren 765LT have been ongoing for a few months, but we’ve yet to see just how quick this British supercar is over a quarter-mile. Until now.

Brooks from the DragTimes channel on YouTuber recently took delivery of his very own 765LT, finished in a lovely shade of Napier Green and didn’t waste any time in taking it to the drag strip to see what it is made of. The times he achieved are nothing short of extraordinary.

On his very first run of the day, the YouTuber set a storming time of 9.47-seconds when running on the standard Pirelli P Zero tires, as opposed to the stickier Trofeo Rs that are available. In his second run, that quarter-mile time fell to 9.41 seconds.

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As remarkable as those times are, Brooks was experiencing a bit of wheel spin through first and second gears with the standard rubber. He decided to swap out the standard wheels and tires for a set of 720S wheels wrapped in sticky Toyota R888R tires which, crucially, are still road legal. These new tires eliminated virtually all signs of wheel spin and he was able to run a best 9.338-second quarter-mile at 150.87 mph (242.8 km/h). What’s more, the 765LT was extremely consistent with its runs, recording three consecutive times in the 9.3-second range.

During his best run, the car hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in a remarkable 2.1 seconds. Brooks mentions that his best quarter-mile time with his 720S is a 9.76 at 144 mph (231.7 km/h), meaning the 765LT is roughly half a second quicker, and also the fastest production car to ever go down the quarter-mile in stock form.

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