Trailblazer Selling So Well Chevy Is Slowing Trax Production To Keep Up With Demand

When sales of the Trailblazer started last year, Chevrolet was probably pretty excited. They clearly didn’t predict how much of a success the compact crossover would be, though.

According to GM Authority, demand for the Trailblazer is four times greater than supply. As a consequence, GM will increase its SUV’s production capacity after recently saying that Trax production will be cut by as much as 30% to make space for the Trailblazer.

Indeed, the SUV doesn’t stay at dealerships’ lots for long. The Trailblazer, on average, leaves a dealership just 36 days after arriving, while that number falls to 29 days for the RS trim.

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Produced at GM’s Bupyeong plant in South Korea, the Trailblazer is based on the VSS-F platform and is offered with two three-cylinder engines, a 137 HP 1.2-liter and a 155 hp 1..3-liter.

Starting at just $19,000, the Trailblazer seats up to five passengers and is offered with AWD. The Trax, meanwhile, starts at $21,300.

The good news for GM is also that sales don’t appear to be slowing despite the pandemic. Chevrolet sold more than 34,000 Trailblazers last year and roughly half of those sales came in the last three months of the year.

The Trailblazer was among the top performers in subcompact crossovers. Hyundai only sold 7,000 Venues in Q4 2020 and the Chevy pipped the Seltos as well, of which Kia sold 16,700. Mazda only sold 10,000 CX-30s, but Hyundai pushed more than 23,000 Konas and the Honda HR-V wasn’t far behind, selling more than 22,000 examples.

Anyway you slice it, though, the segment is performing nicely and the Trailblazer is doing very well against its competitors.

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