The BMW 3-Series ‘Gran Limousine’ Is What India Calls Its New Long-Wheelbase 3er

If you live in India and you’d like to own something a little more comfortable than a BMW 3-Series, but not quite as expensive as a 5-Series, you can opt for the extended wheelbase version of the former.

Unlike in China though, India’s long-wheelbase 3-Series isn’t simply known as the 3-Series LWB, but rather the ‘Gran Limousine’, which does have a pretty nice ring to it, much like the brand’s Gran Coupe or Gran Turismo monikers.

Regardless of what you call it, this longer version of the 3-Series was stretched out in such a way where it doesn’t really look forced – as some of these models often do. BMW managed to maintain the car’s overall proportions while adding 11 cm (4.3 inches) in length to the wheelbase, for a total of 2,961 mm (116.5 inches).

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The overall car length is 4,829 (190 inches), so still not quite as long as a G30 5-Series, but the wheelbase size is comparable, to say the least (116.5 inches vs 117.1 inches).

As for specifications, you can get either a 320 Ld Gran Limousine or a 330 Li Gran Limousine, while also choosing between the Luxury Line trim or the M Sport First Edition, which adds the aero package, 18-inch wheels and M leather steering wheel.

The model also features new headrests at the rear, plus a new central armrest. The trunk meanwhile can swallow up to 480 liters (roughly 17 cu.ft) of whatever you need stored there.

You can buy into the 3-Series Gran Limousine range starting from 5,150,000 rupees ($70,574), while a 5-Series will set you back a minimum of 5,600,000 rupees ($76,640). Which of the two do you think would make for a better buy?

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