TEASED: New Mitsubishi Outlander Getting Bold New Look

Mitsubishi describes the new Outlander as a next-generation vehicle, meaning this 2022 model is more than a facelift. It will officially debut first in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico in February 2021, followed soon thereafter by numerous international markets. The 2022 Outlander was developed using a Japanese design philosophy called "I-Fu-Do-Do," which means authentic and majestic. It features Mitsubishi's new Dynamic Shield design concept, which looks reminiscent of the Montero Sport sold in other markets.

"The Outlander is an iconic SUV for the company, so when we developed the next-generation model, we took inspirations from our rich SUV heritage to realize a bold and confident styling with a solid stance that excites our customers," said Seiji Watanabe, Division General Manager of Design for Mitsubishi Motor Cars. "The all-new Outlander is the first model epitomizing the new generation of Mitsubishi design and the frontrunner of our design strategy."

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