Here’s How The Porsche Taycan’s Innovative Electric Motors Work

Describing the supply and control of three-phase AC voltage for the PSM, Porsche says: "The speed of the motor is determined by the frequency at which the alternating voltage oscillates around the zero point from plus to minus. In Taycan motors, the pulse inverter sets the frequency of the rotating field in the stator, thereby regulating the speed of the rotor."

Another important feature of the Taycan's electric motor is the hairpin winding, which has little to do with actual hairpins. "Here, the coils of the stator consist of wires that are not round but rectangular," says Porsche. "Unlike classic winding processes where the copper wire is obtained from an endless reel, hairpin technology is what is known as a forming-based assembly process."

Essentially, a U-shape much like a hairpin is formed when the rectangular copper wire is bent and divided into numerous sections. This design offers numerous advantages.

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