Grave Digger And Max D Become Pull Back Action LEGO Kits On Friday

I hope you don’t believe in omens, because LEGO releasing Grave Digger on the very first day of 2021. It will be joined by its Monster Jam compatriot, Max-D in a separate kit on the same day.

The kits, remarkably, only cost $20-a-piece. LEGO is being doubly budget-friendly because the sets come with instructions on how to transform the monster trucks into other vehicles. Grave Digger can also be assembled as an off-road buggy and Max-D into an ATV.

In either orientation, the sets will get pull-back action to chip your skirting board and provide you or your kids with hours of fun.

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As you might expect, the sets aren’t huge, but at about 4 inches tall by 9.5 inches long, they’re more than big enough to spark the imagination. And at 212 and 230-pieces, they should be complicated enough to occupy you for a bit.

The kits each transforming into another vehicle is smart, too. It means that there’s a reason to take the trucks apart and put them back together, which ought to extend the fun by quite a bit.

According to LEGO, the Grave Digger set comes with a bendable flag so you get rad action shots. That would likely help with you stop motion film, too.

The sets come with stickers and despite the pictures that LEGO has provided, it’s unclear to me how they’ll work with the alternate builds but, I suppose, does it really matter if your dune buggy has some stickers on it? You can sue yourself and litigate the intricacies of mini copyright laws in the staircase court. The highest court on the landing.

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