Google Maps Has a Major GPS Problem and Nobody Knows How to Fix It

While Google Maps is one of the leading choices when it comes to navigation apps, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is always working exactly as expected.
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Google Maps version 10.50.4Google Maps version 10.50.4Google Maps version 10.50.4Google Maps version 10.50.4Google Maps version 10.50.4
Not a long time ago, we discussed an issue that seems to become a bigger concern for more and more users: Google Maps can no longer determine the location of the user and sometimes freezes right in the middle of navigation.

Naturally, you’d expect Google to look into the whole thing and come up with a fix, especially because the number of people reporting GPS issues with Google Maps seems to be increasing.

But according to reviews posted on the Google Play Store, the latest updates only make the experience with Google Maps even worse, with the GPS struggles now becoming more widespread.

We’re seeing more and more people complaining of the app no longer being able to figure out where they are and then follow them on the map, and since September 15, the official Google Maps listing on the Play Store has received a plethora of one-star rating just because of this.

This app used to be flawless until the last update. Now when I use it for driving directions and hit start, it shows the direction path but just sits there saying: ‘looking for GPS.’ But there is no problem on the map when not in the driving mode. I have to reset the app multiple times most times to get it to go. Or even restart the phone,” someone says in a review.

Maps has always been essential to me. Like others, though, I've found in the last few days that it suddenly stops following my location while giving directions. It happens right after I hit ‘Start’ and it gives me the first instruction,” another message posted on September 15 reads.

Google has no fix for the whole thing but instead points users to a FAQ where the company details the ways to refine the location services and improve accuracy. Needless to say, these don’t really make a difference, and Android users are stuck with the same experience on their devices.

After numerous complaints and updates. Google still haven't fixed the issue everyone is complaining about. Google maps will often freeze and the voice guidance will stop at the most random times. I lost count how many times I almost got lost because of this bug,” another user continues.

No magic fix exists right now to bring Google Maps back to fully working condition, so right now, the only option is to just wait for Google to come up with a workaround.

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