Bear Breaks Into Pizza Delivery Car Because Everybody Loves Italian Food

You’re not you when you’re hungry. This is not only the slogan of a super-popular Snickers campaign but also what a bear living in the woods near Juneau, Alaska is probably saying right now.
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The bear broke into a pizza delivery car belonging to an employee of Juneau Pizza, obviously looking for some Italian food, but eventually just destroying everything inside.

There was no pizza inside, the driver of the car said in an interview, explaining that he noticed the furry customer in the car at 3 a.m. in the morning because it just kept honking the horn, probably annoyed by the lack of a delicious treat.

I think it was the delicious smell of the pizza that drove the bear to the point where he could not resist the urge to go into the car,” Juneau Pizza employee Andrew Fairchild, was quoted as saying. “It’s pretty totaled on the inside. The seat belt was ripped completely out. The panel where the stereo is ripped off.”

After destroying the interior of the car, the bear got trapped inside, eventually being released into the woods. It then tried to return looking for something you eat because, you know, you really can't say no to a slice of pizza..

It opened the door to my daughter’s minivan,” Fairchild said. “It opened the door, but it did no damage.

The good news is that nobody was injured, and the car is already getting the interior fixed. The bad news is that the local authorities warn that bears keep coming back to residential areas looking for food, and in some cases, they end up attacking people. This means the only solution is to just euthanize the bear because there’s no place where it could be relocated.

Juneau Pizza joked on Facebook after the incident, explaining that bears have “to call in just like everyone else” if they want some pizza.

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